About Us

Reaven technologies IT Solutions was accepted in 2007. Nowadays, it has covered several successful milestones with the strategic and visionary planning executed under my arm. Due to our trustworthy work, the firm has got rewarded and partnered with so many popular brands. We take counsel from and build solutions that enable businesses to leverage cutting-edge technologies for a competing advantage. Put forward as a showing business entrepreneur of the era, I always advise youth’s to bring new ideas coupled with creativity which nourished me as well to settle down such a big establishment. Raeven technologies has provided bespoken, process-driven software solutions for clients in the global marketplace.

Our Quality Management System complies with international standard. Our success is built upon our approach. Our focus is on building the right workforce. At Raeven Technologies we have a team of experienced managers who choose the best people who are flexible & adaptable. We have installed rigorous and extensive training procedures that focus on teamwork & motivation.